Chord Progressions  


An important tool - the Circle of Fifths

It's very useful to keep a diagram of the Circle of Fifths close by.  It's a great guide for developing chord progressions as you compose songs, and to assist in training your ear to identify chords as you listen.   You should get an understanding of the principles behind the Circle of Fifths and the relationships between chords. There are some links at the bottom of this page to help you with that.

There are many variations of Circle of Fifths diagrams.  The one below shows the 12 notes of the chromatic scale (arranged around the coloured circle) so that as you move clockwise around the circle, you go up a fifth. e.g. the fifth note of C major scale is G.

Looking at C for example, if we incldude note F (to the left of C), then the six notes clockwise starting at C, we find all the notes in the C major scale - FCG D A E and B. Arranged in alphabetical order - C D E F G A B.

Circle of Fifths Diagram