Chord Progressions  

I ii iii IV Progression (ascending bass line)

Tuesday, 31 March 2020 2:04 am

This is a beautiful progression ascending the scale, often supports a moving bass line.   Some examples shown below: Here, There, Everywhere (The Beatles), Just Like a Woman (Bob Dylan). 

This audio was recorded in the key of G.  The 1-2m-3m-4 chords ascend through G Am Bm C.

Beatles - Here, There, Everywhere

This song is in the key of G.  Over the verse  “Here, making each day…" the 1-2m-3m-4 chords are  G | Am | Bm | C

Bob Dylan - Like a Rolling Stone

In the key of C,   for the beginning section of the verses, 1-2m-3m-4-5 chords are: C | Dm | Em | F | G | 

Other Examples of this Progression 

Righteous Brothers - You’e Lost that Loving Feeling

Beatles - Getting Better